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Believing is seeing

An article in the magazine New Humanist offers a lovely example of the ability to discover support for what one already believes amid a mountain of overwhelmingly contrary evidence.Writer Sally Feldman says, in relation to Daniel Johnson’s discussion of the … Continue reading

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Voodoo economics, Star Tribune style

An editorial in the Strib Nov. 2 swallowed whole the correlation-proves-causation premise: A recent Alliance for Excellent Education study documented the state-by-state economic impact of high school dropouts. Researchers at the Washington-based school change advocacy group determined that if all … Continue reading

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Crowing about test results

Given that Minnesota is home to Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average, results announced this week by the National Assessment for Educational Progress were only to be expected — or so you would think, judging by the … Continue reading

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Larry Summers: Dissed again

Former Harvard President Larry Summers, hounded from that position by a pack of feminists, has just been disinvited from a dinner meeting of the University of California regents after more shrill baying from a similar pack. (From the Corner at … Continue reading

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Column: Closing the learning gap — not!

Both Twin Cities papers in recent days have run editorials about closing “the learning gap,” the difference in academic performance between children from low-income families and those who are better off, and between black or Hispanic children on the one … Continue reading

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Imaginary Eden

In the current issue of Commentary, Terry Teachout quotes from Dana Gioia’s commencement speech at Stanford, the same passage that struck me when I read it. Gioia is chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, and his speech pays … Continue reading

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Middle school math

Catherine Johnson, the mainstay of the education blog kitchen table math, has a post about the dismal results of the school district she lives in — Irvington, in New York — which spends $21,000 a year and has only 25 … Continue reading

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Column: Honesty about law-school admissions

People who believe that racial discrimination is a legitimate means to a desirable political end (at least if your heart is pure and you mean well) are all in a swivet over a report just released by the U. S. … Continue reading

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Preschool hype

Joanne Jacobs comments on a new study of the much overrated Perry Preschool project . In the greatest expansion of public education since kindergarten became the norm after World War I, state leaders are pushing tax-funded pre-kindergarten as a way … Continue reading

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Fighting for free speech on campus

July 10, 2007 Filed under: Higher ed Students at San Francisco State University are suing the school for its attempt to prosecute them for stepping on paper copies of a flag during a demonstration in October. How’s that again? Don’t … Continue reading

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