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Linda Seebach retired in 2007 from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, where she was an editorial writer and columnist.

Grammatical doorstop

Since I first read about the new Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, I’ve wanted a copy. The authors are Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey Pullum (with some chapters written by others), and it’s an 1,800-page doorstop of a book. Just … Continue reading

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Michael Bellesiles: back in print, and back in trouble

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an essay by Michael Bellesiles, the disgraced former Emory professor and author of Arming America, who lost his job (and his Bancroft prize) after bloggers revealed extensive fabrications in the book, which purported … Continue reading

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An editor again

Mensagenda, the monthly newsletter of Minnesota Mensa, will have a new editor starting with the May issue, and I’m it. The chaper’s board approved the appointment at its meeting Monday (Feb. 1) I’m very pleased to have this opportunity. There’s … Continue reading

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Berkeley science labs

I did a piece on a proposal to reduce funding for additional lab periods for science students¬† at Berkeley High School, and was no end pleased when the Breitbart site posted it Wednesday (Jan 27). Take a look and … Continue reading

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The Asparagus letter

My son Peter — that would be Seebs — having been sidelined by a badly sprained ankle, has been improving the shining hour by sorting out boxes of stuff. And look what he found! He explains here: This is a … Continue reading

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Mary Travers

When I was working at the Los Angeles Daily News, I went to a Peter Paul & Mary concert at Universal Amphitheatre. It must have been 1993 or 1994. Their politics were as loopy as ever (sorry, I know lots … Continue reading

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Misreading the Coleman report

¬†I am signed up to read the Direct Instruction list, which is both inspiring with its stories of success against great odds — DI is largely limited to special ed situations, although it works like a charm in regular classrooms … Continue reading

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Counterproductive advertising

I’d been hearing this ad for weeks, and it really bugged me; why would a university deliberately advertise itself in a bad light? Anyway, I finally sent a message to the head ( ) of the communications department (who … Continue reading

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isolated pedants’ society

John McIntyre, formerly a top copy editor at the Baltimore Sun, and a loser in the downsizing panic, writes about a book he’s just read: I also note, with professional regret, the numerous typographical errors throughout the book, many of … Continue reading

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Model letter to the editor

This message received and quoted (absolutely sic) by a member of the editorial writers’ listserve (many of whom double as letters editors) To the Editor, , ****************************** It is important that you write the letter in your own words. Nothing … Continue reading

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