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Linda Seebach retired in 2007 from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, where she was an editorial writer and columnist.


MY DANGEROUS IDEA: EACH CHILD DESERVES AN IQ TEST Date: Saturday, January 21, 2006 The “third culture” Web site has a provocative New Year’s ritual: the Annual Question. This year’s question, suggested by Harvard psychologist Stephen Pinker, is, “What … Continue reading

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Sunfish at home

This is my cat Sunfish, who came to live with me in November 2008, when she was two years old. She’s a cream-point Ragdoll.

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Family ties

I’ve had people tell me that email communication is wildly inferior to in-person visits or even phone calls. But they’re just different. My son Peter, who goes by Seebs, mentioned (that is, wrote) that he hadn’t been feeling well, and … Continue reading

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Sanitizing rhetoric

Seebs put up a post on “eliminationist” rhetoric: So, seriously. Drop the eliminationist rhetoric. Stop demonizing the people you disagree with. Start asking them what they believe instead of telling them what they believe. Stop mistaking your beliefs about the … Continue reading

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New research on ADHD

My son Peter, who is ADHD and autistic, pointed me to several articles reporting research, conducted at The University of Nottingham in Great Britain, on children with attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder that suggests what goes wrong, There’s a part … Continue reading

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Satisfactory Election Day.

Big Republican majority in the U.S. House; both houses of the Minnesota legislature (among some 20 legislative chambers nationwide, crucial in a redistricting year); enough Republican senators that any filibuster will hold (crucial for Supreme Court nominees, if any);lots more … Continue reading

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Northfield under water

The Cannon River through downtown Northfield has flooded after five inches of rain. I’m a mile or so from the river — and it’s not that big a river — but my son Peter, who lives closer but is still … Continue reading

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Mensa & Odd Obits

From my column in the September Mensagenda I also read a number of blogs devoted to linguistics and editing. One I like a lot is written by John McIntyre, formerly the head of the copy desk at the Baltimore Sun, … Continue reading

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Mensa & Mirrors

Mensagenda columnist (and communications officer) Mat Rouch wrote an article for the September issue on a topic that fascinates lots of people, including him and me. He asked, “Why do mirrors reverse left-right but not up-down?” The article is available … Continue reading

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Nisbett, Jensen and Rushton

Hunter High School is an extremely selective exam school in New York City, recently the subject of some attention because a student speaker at graduation, upset about the racial/ethnic mix of students there, said: “If you truly believe that the … Continue reading

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