Satisfactory Election Day.

Big Republican majority in the U.S. House; both houses of the Minnesota legislature (among some 20 legislative chambers nationwide, crucial in a redistricting year); enough Republican senators that any filibuster will hold (crucial for Supreme Court nominees, if any);lots more Republican governors (also crucial in redistricting); all in all, a good day for the country.

Too bad about control of the U.S. Senate. But I knew Michael Bennet when I worked in Denver, and I’m pleased for him personally. And I’m not surprised John Hickenlooper won the Colorado governor’s race over Tom Tancredo (I knew and like both of them), but Tancredo made an astonishing showing for a third-party candidate (and the Colorado Assembly is Republican again, so that’s not too bad either).

I guess it won’t be too awful if I have Mark Dayton to apologize for as well as Al Franken.

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Linda Seebach retired in 2007 from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, where she was an editorial writer and columnist.
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