Northfield under water

The Cannon River through downtown Northfield has flooded after five inches of rain. I’m a mile or so from the river — and it’s not that big a river — but my son Peter, who lives closer but is still on dry ground, went out for a looksee. His photos are at

“This justified getting a Flickr account,” he said. My goodness, so it did.

Earlier, he’d written,

So, we went downtown. I got pictures.

Then they told us to please not stand on the bridge because there’s
a large electrical service there which is underwater and could explode.
But they’re not saying we *can’t* stand there. “Life’s all about

I chose not to continue standing there.

I’m delighted by the notion that an emergency worker of some sort would say, “Life’s all about choices.”

If you would like more updates and photo albums, our civic blog Locally Grown is on the case, at and so is the local paper, the Northfield News, at

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