An editor again

Mensagenda, the monthly newsletter of Minnesota Mensa, will have a new editor starting with the May issue, and I’m it. The chaper’s board approved the appointment at its meeting Monday (Feb. 1)

I’m very pleased to have this opportunity. There’s no money involved, but it’s a way to keep my hand in, and to learn some new skills about layout programs (I have a copy of Pages for my MacBook). The current editor uses PageMaker, on a PC, but that program hasn’t been supported for several years and there’s no version that will run on my laptop. So I’ve been learning as I go, but that’s fun.

Up to a point, anyway, and only so long as it works.

Thanks to the board members for their vote of confidence.

About linsee

Linda Seebach retired in 2007 from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, where she was an editorial writer and columnist.
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3 Responses to An editor again

  1. jgm says:

    Yay, Linda!

  2. Elinor Miller says:


  3. Elinor Miller says:

    Can’t find your e-mail address –how’r things?

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