Larry Summers: Dissed again

Former Harvard President Larry Summers, hounded from that position by a pack of feminists, has just been disinvited from a dinner meeting of the University of California regents after more shrill baying from a similar pack. (From the Corner at National Review, via Instapundit.)

In a 2005 column, I wrote:

At a Jan. 14 conference devoted to the topic “Diversifying the Science and Engineering Workforce,” Summers gave a long, thoughtful presentation outlining several possible reasons why women are underrepresented in technical fields – math, computer science, physics, chemistry and engineering – including, as he said, “some questions asked and some attempts at provocation.”

Provocation indeed.

“It does appear that on many, many different human attributes – height, weight, propensity for criminality, overall IQ, mathematical ability, scientific ability – there is relatively clear evidence that whatever the difference in means – which can be debated – there is a difference in the standard deviation, and variability of a male and a female population.”

And further, “in the special case of science and engineering, there are issues of intrinsic aptitude, and particularly of the variability of aptitude, and that those considerations are reinforced by what are in fact lesser factors involving socialization and continuing discrimination.”

He might be wrong, though in my experience as a wannabe mathematician, he’s more likely to be right, but he is surely worth listening to and UC ought to be ashamed of itself for rescinding an invitation, once issued, because of political pressure.

And that goes for Erwin Chemerinsky, too.

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