The movers swept through my condo in Denver July 27, my son Peter took an early flight from the Twin Cities Saturday morning, loaded me and my luggage and the cat into the car and arrived back in Minnesota Sunday evening.

Only a small miscalculation . . . we headed east out of Denver on Interstate 70, but we should have been on Interstate 76, which angles upward toward I-80. By the time we figured that out (just before we got to Kansas) we were about 120 miles south of where we wanted to be. No problem, except that made the trip too long to finish in one day, so we stopped in Grand Island, Nebraska, overnight., No problem with that either, except that it meant on Sunday morning we were west, rather than east, of a huge pileup on the Interstate, where a semi had lost control, flipped itself around and ended up with the trailer facing the wrong way in the inside lane and the cab crossways straddling the construction barrier between the two directions of travel. As we crawled past it Peter kept saying incredulously, “How did they DO that?”

Yes, they did close the highway in both directions for hours, but we were between the nearest exit and the accident by then.

The furniture arrived Saturday, Aug. 4, and I was reunited with it Aug. 6, when we could get all the paperwork signed. So far, so good, although the movers managed to lose all the little pegs that support the shelves in the bookcases, and so I can’t unpack the book boxes until the shelves are in place, and I can’t unpack much of anything else either because there are so many book boxes that nearly everything is under at least one of them. I ordered the pegs online, and they are supposed to arrive today.

I’m pleased with my choice of living quarters, a senior-living place called Millstream Commons in Northfield. After many months of very peculiar means occasioned by difficulty shopping and (especially) cooking, it is a great luxury to have regular meals prepared and served.

The food is good, the cat is happy, my condo in Denver sold for its full asking price even before it officially came on the market, and Peter and his household are in negotiations to buy a house in Northfield. All much to be thankful for.

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Linda Seebach retired in 2007 from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, where she was an editorial writer and columnist.
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