(In)accessible post office?

A brand-new Denver post office opened today (July 23) on 14th Avenue between Delaware and Elati, sharing space with a parking garage that will serve the city’s new justice center going up on the north side of 14th.

And very dignified and governmentish it looks, too, with those deeply chiseled letters in the stone facade. Where they’re moving from worked OK, I guess, but it looked as if the postal service had bought it from some outfit trying to unload surplus farm outbuildings.

So why can’t I mail a letter there?

See, I was waiting for the light to change when a car pulled up to the curb. The driver got out, holding a fistful of letters, walked briskly across the grass strip between the street and the sidewalk and then the 30 feet or so to the dropboxes — and at that point the light changed and I drove on .

Didn’t it occur to the people who designed this building and spent millions on it, that not everyone is able to carry out such an apparently simple task? I use a walker, so I have to park the car, unload the walker from the trunk, maneuver it over the curb, push it through grass that tangles the wheels and the brakes, and then walk to the dropbox. And do it again backwards — although getting the walker *into* the trunk is much harder than getting it out, and I’d probably have to wait until someone happened along whom I could ask for help.

I’ve only ever found one Denver post office with a dropbox that is reachable from the driver’s seat. Given that very few cars without drivers need to drop off mail, on the driver’s side would seem to be the logical place to put mailboxes. And given that for the past year, since the Rocky Mountain News moved into its new building, no one has been permitted to drop outgoing personal mail (with stamps) into the official outgoing mail, I have been driving halfway across the city two or three times a month to pay my bills.

People just don’t think.

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Linda Seebach retired in 2007 from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, where she was an editorial writer and columnist.
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One Response to (In)accessible post office?

  1. jgm says:

    The old post office, the “surplus farm buildings” outlet you refer to, is the old Terminal Annex, right? Nasty place.