(Un)Spiritual (Un)Progressives

Some while back I began getting e-mails from a group calling itself the Network for Spiritual Progressives. By building the network, it says in its latest, “we can make a real contribution to replacing a culture of selfishness and materialism with one imbued with love, kindness, generosity, open-heartedness, nonviolence, and radical amazement at the grandeur of the universe.”

I wasn’t sure what fruitcake tin this bunch had emerged from, but in my experience people who go on about spiritual they are flatter themselves, and “progressive” is a political code word they use so they can easily locate others of like mind without taking the slightest risk they’d ever run into anyone with different ideas.

The message continues:

“For that reason, we’ve decided to send you periodic snapshots of the discussions we’re having in our office. These will be drawn from the daily-ish updates that our staff send each other. We understand that many of you will not have time to read these, in which case, please feel free to use that delete key.”

Oh, they’ve decided, have they? By what right? And I’m to feel free to use the delete key, that’s decent of them.

Look, if I wanted to be on their daily mailing list of endless pretentious claptrap, I am quite capable of going to their website and signing up. That’s called “opt-in,” and it is the only polite way to add people to an e-mail list. Since I haven’t done so, this is nothing but spam — unsolicited bulk e-mail. And there is nothing either spiritual or progressive about spam. Tikkun — I bet you guessed — ought to know better.

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Linda Seebach retired in 2007 from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, where she was an editorial writer and columnist.
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2 Responses to (Un)Spiritual (Un)Progressives

  1. jgm says:

    Everybody needs a litte radical amazement once in a while.

  2. linsee says:

    And thank you, jgm and Susan, for a most welcome visit and a delicious dinner.

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